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Magnetic Memo Board...

Today I'm sharing this quick and easy magnetic memo board I made for my craft room.  Somewhere to keep together all those to do lists and shopping lists.  No excuse for missing deadlines now!

Take a cheap baking tray, I got mine from Poundland, it's about 8" x 12 ".   Cover and decorate the base with patterned paper.
For the labels and memo holders I used accent stickers and brads, but you could use buttons or punched shapes as well
The magnets are from the website  - they very kindly sent me some free samples to use and review here on my blog.

I've used both the flexible self adhesive dots for the labels

and some small neodymium magnets from my selection box.  Just stick the magnet to the back of the accent with a  blob of quick dry epoxy glue.  I used 'super glue'.

These magnets although tiny are very strong, no sliding down the board even with a few layers of paper between the base and the magnet.
If like me you haven't used magnets before in your crafting projects.  The  first4magnets website is well worth a browse.  It has every type of magnet you could imagine and is jammed packed with information on how to use them.  There's a whole section devoted to Craft and a vast selection of Adhesive magnets too.


Basic Grey Oxford - Papers, Stickers and Brads.
Tea Dyed Check Ribbon - The Ribbon Girl


  1. Hey Vicki,

    I've seen this idea before and again recently on Pinterest - I can't wait to have a go! Definately going to check out the magnet store - with a bank holiday coming up it looks like i could be kept busy!!


  2. what a fab idea Vicky!! love it, thanks for link must check it out :) xxx

  3. wow this is so retro and now I so have to make one for my kitchen! I feel a burst of bright pink coming on.

  4. The magnets look good Vicky - as does your notice board. Great idea using the baking tray too x

  5. What an ace idea. Did you use a magnet to attach it to the wall too?

    1. No I didn't use a magnet to attach it to the wall, it's not in it's final position yet. I just hung it on a hook in the hall to take the photo...

  6. What a fabulous idea...that is just so cool!! I love it and you my lovely friend, are a clever lady! :)
    Hope you are ok and hopefully see you soon.
    Love Emma xxx

  7. Hi Vicky., Now why didn't I think of that???? Another brilliant idea... and just when I needed it! With the kitchen re-do, I've now got an integral fridge, so have nowhere to put my fridge magnets or pics that have accumulated! Problem solved!! THANK YOU!

    Christine x

  8. PS.... I bought some magnets a while ago from that company.. but wahhhhhhhhhh they didn't send me a selection box!!



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