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Inspiring others...

I think one of the best compliments in crafting  is when other crafters are inspired by your projects.  Even better when they come back and let you know so you can see what they've made.  I'm so pleased that my rolled rose heart inspired two of my lovely followers in their work.

Louise made a beautiful ruby wedding card with a rolled rose heart - here

and Christine made a wonderful box framed button heart - here

Makes it all worthwhile.


  1. Hi Vicky..

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Christine x

  2. No wonder they were inspired Vicky, this is amazing! Jo x

  3. Vicky , it's lovely to know when you have really inspired others by your beautiful creations :)
    I love this picture you made and hope you have it hanging up in your home :) :)
    I checked out the other ladies work and they are both beautiful,
    well done :) xxx


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