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Book Paper Wall Art...

I've been  making book paper wall art.  For me, there's no better creative therapy than Upcycling.  Taking a waste product I have lying around the home and creating something beautiful with it, is the  perfect  mood booster!

If you'd like to give it a go, these are the tutorials I used.

DIY Decorative Dahlias

Reduce ♥ Reuse ♥ Recycle

Paper Folded Tulips

Spring is on the way!  I can just start to feel it in the air!  To me, Springtime means tulips, and they're so easy to make with paper.  Not just any paper though, it needs to be pretty thin, 80 gsm or less.  Origami paper is ideal.

For the stems I used floristry wires, wrapped with floristry tape and I cut the leaves from crepe paper.
If you don't have any origami paper you could use wrapping paper, a vintage map, recycle a book or magazine, or print your own design on to copy paper. 

Reduce ♥ Reuse ♥ Recycle ♥

Instagram - Most Popular makes of 2020

We are more alike than we are different.  In 2020 when times were tough the majority of us crafters found comfort in making and sharing our crochet blankets.

A global platform for making and crafting has revealed the most popular crafting trends of 2020.  LoveCrafts, analysed internal downloads of patterns, sales, and Instagram hashtags to determine the most popular makes of the year.

As you might expect, an easy sew face mask was among the most downloaded patterns. While cross-stitch kits were the most popular make-your-own kit and crochet blankets received the most hashtags on Instagram, with over one million posts tagging #CrochetBlanket.

The top five Instagram crafts of 2020

1. #CrochetBlanket 1million+

2. #MacrameWallHanging 942k

3. #CrochetDoll 783k

4. #MacramePlantHanger 373k

5. #KnittedHat 260k

The top five creative patterns and kits of 2020 in the UK

1. Easy sew face mask

2. Knitted fox and bunny dolls

3. Crochet rainbow of unity

4. Cross Stitch book lover bookmark

5. Knitted little Doctor bear

To view the top 10 Instagram makes, and see how the UK’s most popular makes compared to the United States in 2020 visit: