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Paper Folded Tulips

Spring is on the way!  I can just start to feel it in the air!  To me, Springtime means tulips, and they're so easy to make with paper.  Not just any paper though, it needs to be pretty thin, 80 gsm or less.  Origami paper is ideal.

For the stems I used floristry wires, wrapped with floristry tape and I cut the leaves from crepe paper.
If you don't have any origami paper you could use wrapping paper, a vintage map, recycle a book or magazine, or print your own design on to copy paper. 

Reduce ♥ Reuse ♥ Recycle ♥


  1. How lovely! I've only got into origami in the last few years. I started using it with the kids at school as a relaxation/mindfulness activity and was amazed at how they took to it. Great to see you posting, Jo x

    1. Yes, I found very relaxing, just what I needed! Good to hear from you Jo x


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