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Monster Bookmark - How To...

A quick 'how-to-make' a monster corner bookmark as mentioned on the previous post.

1. Take a piece of cardstock 5 x 5 inches, and score at 2.5 inches from each side.  Dividing the square into 4 small squares.

2. Cut away one of the squares

3. Cut diagonally across the 2 outer squares.

4. Trim and stick a square and triangle of patterned paper to fit, leaving a narrow border.

5. Stick the two triangular flaps together and add eyes and teeth.

If you do decide to make one, please come back and let me know so I can take a look.

If you like this you may like my tutorial to make Owl shaped bookamrks


  1. oo Vicky that was much easier explained thanks. Hope to have a try at this during my week off.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. this is so cute :D
    my grands would love to have this
    thanks for the step-by-step!

  3. So simple when you know how - a great tutorial Vicky - thanks!

    Love Lynda xxx

  4. Fab tutorial Vicky, I will pop a link to it on our new links page over at Let's Craft and Create if you don't mind.


  5. Wonderful tutorial! I heard about you here:

  6. Thanks for the tutorial! These are cool. I need to make some with my kids! Pinning this post next :-)

  7. Easy directions...thank you! Adorable project.


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