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It's in the news...

Whenever I fall out of love with card making I find the best thing to do, rather than keeping at it, is to 'change it up', try something new.   So, I've been weaving newspaper. It's an absorbing craft, ideal if you're looking to lose yourself for a few hours!   I do love 'Upcycling',  there's just something so rewarding about taking an item destined for the recycling bin and turning it into something useful. Now, here's a link to the tutorial I used.


  1. Oooh I love your newspaper weaving... What a fab new craft!

    Christine x

  2. That weaving needs investigating Vicky thanks for telling us about it. Hope the card making fairy returns soon. :)

  3. Amazing newspaper weaving! Your basket is very reminiscent of the one I brought back from Barbados woven with palm leaves.

  4. Love your paper weaving Vicky! Great choice of papers, I am sure they will inspire you! Looking forward to seeing your latest Bubbly Scrumptious project.


  5. Really like that basket - may have to check that tutorial out. Newsprint fingers here we come...
    Your PP look good enough to eat.

  6. Vicky :) your projects amaze me :) you are multi-talented :) :)
    loving this!!!
    Now I need to add that MME paper pad to my wish list ... LOL ... I have the one under the top, lists are never ending ... LOL hugzz xx

  7. Crikey Vicky - that is amazing! What a fab way to recycle - would love to have a go but don't think I've the patience hugs Karen x

  8. What a great newspaper basket Vicky and it looks so sturdy too x


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