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How to make a gift Box with a heart...

Show someone you love them with a handmade box full of their favourite treat.
My box has dividers inside designed to hold four chocolates, but you could do without the dividers and fill it with your chosen gift.

For box making I like to use card that has a pattern on both sides, that way you get a pretty pattern inside the box too, scrapbook paper works well but I like to use a digital paper pack so I can choose and print a design on each side of my chosen card.  For this box I’ve used Carta Bella Devoted, it’s available to download from

1. For the base, take an 18cm square of card, score at 4.5cm on all 4 sides and cut one fold at each corner making tabs to add glue.

2. Repeat for the lid, but with a 13cm square of card and score each side at 2cm. Cut out a heart from the centre and back the window with a square of acetate.

3. For the dividers, cut two 9cm square pieces of card, fold in half and cut a slit in the centre of each so that they slot together.

4. Make a band to wrap around the box to keep it closed, and to take the embellishments

The finished box measures 9 x 9 x 4.5cm.  You can use this box as a template and adapt it to suit your gift, always use a bone folder to crease the folds and a good strong glue to secure the flaps. Embellishment is the key to a professional finish, be careful not to overload the box and coordinate the ribbon and tag to create a luxury gif

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