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How to make Christmas woven paper stars...


Patterned paper
PVA Glue
Red and green ink pads
Geetings stamps
Bakers twine
Adhesive gems
Single hole punch


These instructions are for the large star, to make the smaller sized star use paper strips 1.5cm wide and 15cm long.

1. Cut 6 strips of paper, 30cm long and 2cm wide.

2. Find the centre of 2 of the strips, lay one on top of the other in a cross and stick together.

3. Position a strip on either side of the centre strip, alternating over and under and stick in place.  

4. Take the last two strips weave them through the three centre strips, and secure with glue.

5. Take 2 strips at each corner and bend inwards, overlap the ends and stick the tips together, leaving the two centre strips free. 

6. Repeat this process to make a 2nd star.  

7. Lay the 2 stars on top of each other, weaving the straight ends into the curved loops.  
Glue in place and trim off the excess paper at each point.

Hints and Tips

  • Punch a hole in one of the loops and thread through a length of twine/string for a hanger.
  • Paper with a design on both sides will give the best effect. If you don't have double sided paper, you can stick two sheets of paper together back to back before cutting the strips. Or stick washi tape on the reverse of the paper strips before assembling the star.
  • Why not use vintage book paper for a different look or recycle wrapping paper, magazines or maps.
  •  Use the small size stars as present toppers or string them together with a length of twine/string to make a garland.

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