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Father's Day Gift Set...

Supplies List

Digital paper pack – ‘Mustache and Necktie’ from
Cardstock:  Royal Blue
Number stickers
Alphabet rub-ons
Circle punches
‘Dad’ wooden sentiment topper.


  1. Take a strip of card 4 cm wide and 30 cm long, stick a narrower strip of patterned paper in the centre, score at 0.5cm intervals along its length and concertina fold.  Join the two ends together with tape forming a ring, flatten in the centre and secure with a circle of card and strong glue.  Add ‘no1’ to a circle of card and stick to the centre of the rosette.
  2. Using your pc, print greetings onto white paper, cut into ribbons and stick to the back of the rosette together with ribbons cut from patterned paper and blue card.


  1. To create the centre step card blank, see the tutorial on this post.
  2. Fold all score lines and cover the centre panel and side panels with paper.  Make a rosette as before but this time slightly smaller using 3 cm wide strip of paper.  Add a button to the centre and stick to the card front and finish the card with a ‘Dad’ sentiment topper.

Triple Photo Frame

  1. For each frame cut card to 14 x 10 cm cut out a 10 x 6 cm aperture from the centre and cover with paper.  Stick the frame to sturdy card with narrow double sided tape on 3 sides only.  Join the three frames together with a length of ribbon.
  2. Make 3 small rosettes as before but with 2 cm wide strips of paper, finish with a button in the centre and stick one to each frame.

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