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A Handmade Christmas...

Here are the last of my Christmas makes, cards for my nearest and dearest.  I find clean and simple designs work best for 'man' cards.
The origami tree was surprisingly easy to fold and assemble, so much simpler than it appears.  If you'd like to try it, the tutorial I used is HERE
I may even attempt this one next year.

Some simple machine stitching and paper rolling for this tree.  A little tip I discovered when making the paper rolls is to cut the lengths of paper to size before rolling, its gives a much neater finish.
That's it for another year.  I've handmade bows, baublesstars and a wreath all from this one paper pad and I still have 10 of the 40 sheets left, great value!

Here's hoping 2014 is a bumper year of craft!


  1. How lovely! That retro sentiment on card two also caught my eye, Jo x

  2. Two gorgeous cards Vicky. Here's wishing you a happy and healthy 2014. X

    1. Ahh thanks Suze. Happy new year to you too. :)x

  3. How did I miss all these fabulous creations? Your cards are amazing Vicky and I love your stars too. xx


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