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Papercutting made easy...

...with a digital cutting machine.  Yes, I have a Cricut Mini. Although I enjoy paper cutting by hand when I have the time, like when I made this card.  It's so good to have a machine to do the hard work for you.  Especially when I got a last minute request for a card this week.  'An eighteenth birthday card for a non-girlie girl please?".  This is the card I came up with,  I finished it off with an '18'  in the top left-hand corner before it was sent off (another last minute request) but that again was easy with the Cricut.  I'm still finding my way around all the images available with the 'Craft Room' software.  This design is from the 'Celebrate' cartridge, one that comes free with the machine.

I've started simple, but I'll moving up a gear with my next project, there's so many possibilities and I'll be sharing all my makes here on the blog, so watch this space!

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  1. Vicky your new toy sounds fun, will look forward to seeing all your projects. As for this card, it's absolutely fab !

    It's still snowing here today, all looking very pretty but really needs to stop and let us have spring !!

  2. Ooooh fabulous card Vicky! Enjoy playing with your new machine, it sounds great! x

  3. Oh my goodness, I thought at first that you had cut this by hand! If this is starting off simple I look forward to seeing more. A truly lovely card Vicky.

  4. Simple but hugely effective Vicky. :)


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