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Lavender Hearts...

Here are my lavender bags as promised, another job crossed off the Christmas to-do list.  There's a lovely smell of lavender around the house now, much to the annoyance of the men of the house who keep complaining of stinging eyes and feeling sick - what are they like?

Must go and finish decorating the tree now, I'm a bit behind, had to pop out for a replacement set of lights (there's a surprise).  Luckily Homebase had a few sets left!:)x

Fabric - Tanya Whelan Darla Collection
Velvet ribbon
Vintage Pearl Buttons


  1. Gorgeous Vicky, I can almost smell them from here. Lovely fabric.


  2. absolutely gorgeous vicky and know what you mean about the christmas lights...had to replace umpteen bulbs this year...hugs kath xxx

  3. beautiful Vicky and would make fab gifts too, :) xxx

  4. Hi Vicky

    Oh these are lovely! Gorgeous material. I bought some material (Cath Kidston no less - LOL) in a sale in the summer at John Lewis to make some of these hearts but haven't yet got round to making them (not done them before either) yours do look oh so lovely I hope when I get to do mine they look half as good!

    Take care


  5. Oh these are absolutely delightful. You are such a talented person and I just love these...fab!! :)
    Love Emma xxx


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