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Scrapbooking and Crafty Find...

Page 1 of my 'Celebrate Life' album is done!  To help me get over my hatred of having my photo taken I've posted the page here for you all to see...  Together with the front and back covers.  I've used patterned paper scraps for the stitched patchwork page border.  Another great way to use up those scraps.

It was library day for me today, and I always have a rummage in the neighbouring charity shops and usually come back with something.  Today's find was...

beaded belts!  A bargain at £2 a piece.  The chains are old and tarnished but the beads are lovely.  Tonight I'll be removing the beads ready to make pendants, earrings and bracelets.


  1. Love your your page layout Vicky and the way you patch worked those scraps, good for you use them all up ;) love your bargain bead find, can't wait to see what you make with them :) xx

  2. The sentiment on your page says it all!!!! and you found a right bargain with the jewellery.

    Love Lynda xxx

  3. What a fabulous layout and Vicky, you aren't the only one who hates having your photo taken...I feel your pain!! It's my pet hate and I haven't had a camera near me for a couple of years now! hehe...
    Hope you have a good weekend and enjoy all that jewellery!
    Love Emma xxx

  4. Also feel your pain regarding having your photo taken.
    Loving your charity shop localones never has anything that delightful.

  5. Love the layout! Wow, bargain jewellery... please share the results, Jo x

  6. What a great project Vicky. Your photo looks really nice and the layout is fab.

    What a great find in the charity shop, such yummy beads!!

  7. You creative gal you. Great idea!
    Katie x

  8. Those papers are gorgeous, I loved doing my album, I think I rushed it a bit as I was getting over excited so I'm going to start another one this week, it was a great course.


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