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Project for the Weekend...Finished!

Well here are the kraft binders - now decorated!  I used the Super Dreamy stamp set  from Banana Frog and alphabet stamps from Hampton Arts and I only smudged one flower!
Over at DCM the sponsor this week is The Ribbon Girl.  I just had to have a peek at the site and couldn't resist so placed an order on Friday...

and on Saturday my ribbons arrived.  How was that for service.

I just need to organise my ribbon box now...Any ideas on how to keep ribbons tidy?


  1. Your folders look great, and look at those yummy ribbons. I also placed an order with them and they were super quick arriving. I have my ribbons wrapped around dolly like clothes pegs, I keep them in a basket on my desk.

  2. your folders are wonderful, its so nice to personalise things for crafting.
    your Ribbbons look so gorgeous.
    hugs chris xxx

  3. Love your lush ribbons...i can feel another crafty shop coming on lol. I have my stamps stored in folders too, just need to decorate them but yours look fab!

  4. love your folders dolly and I'm sure you will come up with faberoonie storage for your gorgeous ribbons...I have a feeling some might just be arriving at the cubbyhole real soon...hugs kath xxx

  5. Love the binders but I have know idea about the ribbon storage sorry.


  6. Dolly, I've tried lots of different ways to store my ribbons:

    * thrown into a drawer
    * loosely knotted round book rings
    * wrapped round chipboard rectangles and organised by colour
    * But my latest way is to wrap them round a pencil into a 'liquorice allsort' pinwheel, secure them with a small sequin pin then pop them into jars (colour coded of course!) I will pop a photo up on my blog, I'm sure there's one on my computer on how they're stored.

    Folders look totally fab by the way!


  7. Your binders look fabulous and beautifully decorated. As for your ribbons they look pretty tidy already - you should see my box!!! Then again maybe not lol. Hope you've had a great weekend.

    Love Lynda xxx

  8. Wow, you've done a great job on the folders. Can you show us the inside now to see how you store your stamps?
    Louise x

  9. Nice! Love those ribbons... mine are always in a mess so thanks for the tips, Jo x

  10. Hello Dolly - this comment might be late, but I've just found your site - just wanted to say thanks very much for the nice things you said about our ribbons! Love from Mary and Andrea at Ribbon Girl


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