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Inside the Binders!...

Thanks for all your suggestions on how to tidy my ribbon box, I've no excuse not to tidy it now.

Here's the inside of the binders Louise.  I store individual acrylic stamps on A4 sheets of acetate and tuck them inside punched document wallets, hope this helps.

I've got a blog award from my lovely blogging buddy Lynda - thank you.  In order to accept it I have to say 3 things I like about myself.  That's easy - my patience, good memory and logic.  These qualities come in really handy living with 2 men (well one is only 14) that are always losing things!
Next I need to pass it on to 7 others, that's the hard bit as all your blogs are lovely but to make it easy I'm going to pass it on to all who commented on my last post (apart from Lynda!).

I've signed up for an online scrapbooking class HERE .  It's called 'Learn Something New Everyday' and it starts tomorrow, I'll let you know how I get on.