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Paper Flowers...

Well, I've got printer problems, any design that uses the magenta cartridge has banding on it, so I'm waiting for new cartridges which will hopefully sort it out, otherwise it's a new printer.  My paper collections are mainly digital so as you can imagine my patience is wearing a bit thin, no paper = no crafting.  But the good news is, I played around with the wasted prints and came up with these little beauties...

I love the shabbiness of them.  Thinking of doing a little photo tutorial for them at the weekend. 

The photo tutorial for these flowers is HERE


  1. that's what I like to waste...and aren't those flowers just yummy...hope you get your printer probs sorted out real soon..big hugs kath xxxx

  2. You see - if the printer wasn't playing up we wouldn't have these fab flowers and a tutorial to look forward to! Seriously though I know just how frustrated you must be - my card reader's playing up yet again! One day it works 2 days it doesn't it's driving me up the wall. Really hope you get your printer sorted out soon!

    Love Lynda xxx

  3. ooh they are cool- can;t wait for the tut

  4. these are real cute...look forward to the tute x

  5. these are lovely! Looking forward to the tutorial. :)

  6. These are sweet Vicky and a tutorial would be great!!! Bad news about your printer, my printer doesn't behave itself either, Jo x


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