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Paper Flowers - How To...

Here's the tutorial for the shabby flowers I promised.

You will need a large flower punch, a piercing tool, some tiny brads and some paper of course!

1. Punch out 8 flowers.  You can ink the edges at this stage to add more definintion to the petals if you like.

Scrunch each flower into a ball as tight as you can.  You can spray water on them first if you prefer, this gives a shabbier look.
Open up each flower, and layer them up.
Secure with a tiny brad, it doesn't matter about colour matching as you won't see the brad when the flower is finished.  Scrunch up the first layer into the centre.
Continue scrunching up each layer to the centre.
until your flower looks like this.
Then open up the outer layers until you're happy with the look.