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An Award!!

This is my second award and I'm most honoured to have received this one from the lovely Lynda. Every time I visit Lynda's blog I'm inspired and to think that in the short time I've been around I have inspired someone as talented as her is a real compliment.
Now comes the hard bit, for me anyway, who to pass it on to. Well, I can't make decisions at the best of times and this takes me back to my schooldays, picking teams for netball and I know how I felt being one of the last to be picked. So if you're reading this post please feel free to take this award as I'm sure you've inspired me in some way. As I'm still a new kid on the block I get inspiration from every blog I visit.

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  1. and well deserved too....your cards are just beautiful and such an inspiration....big hugs kath xxxxx


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