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My favourite paper punch...

I don't have a large range of paper punches, just a select few, mainly through lack of storage space.
Half of my collection, I’d say is the basic shapes like circles, borders and squares. The rest are a couple of flowers, a heart, a star, and some impulse buys that have never been used. If I had to choose one as a favourite it would be this one, the Martha Stewart 3 in 1 hydrangea.punch.
This card, cut on the Cricut Mini, was looking a little dull and ordinary before I added the punched flowers and flat back pearls. I think it’s the irregular shape of the petals that make this flower so pretty and able to lift even the most basic card design out of obscurity. 

Have you got a favourite punch that you couldn't be without? I'd love to know.


  1. Fabulous. I love my stampin up bird punch.

  2. Very pretty Vicky, the lovely flowers finish it off perfectly. Xx

  3. I also love this punch! I don't tend to use punches much anymore- I'm more a die kind of girl now but mine would probably have to be a Martha Stewart butterfly punch! X

    1. I'd have all the MS punches if I had the room and the money! ;)

  4. This look lovely, the colour behind the cutouts and the flowers really bring it to life. Well done.

  5. Gorgeous card looks simple but so effective Vicky!
    I love the MS border punches as they can decorate anything, hard to chose which one but if pushed the xmas snowflake border is used alot!
    Keryn x

  6. Such a beautiful CAS design Vicky! The punched flowers are the perfect finishing touch.

  7. This is such a beautiful card Vicky, the flowers are just perfect.

  8. That punch has certainly made the card pop with those wonderful flowers.

    As to a favourite punch erm . . . (I too don't have many) but my inch square is my favourite.


  9. Oh those impulse buys get us all Vicky. This is a gorgeous punch, haven't seen it before -saw the flowers but thought they were dies!
    Love what value it added to the card, it wouldn't be the same without them.
    As pretty and elegant as ever!
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend.
    Katie x

  10. Those flowers are the perfect dash of colour... I know what you mean about the irregular shape that appeals to me too :0) The MS three in one punches are good stash basics I reckon.
    Jenny x


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