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Christmas Paper Baubles - How To...

Right, I'm back today as promised with how to make the Christmas baubles from my last post.  First, and most importantly, you need a good quality patterned paper otherwise the baubles will be too flimsy and difficult to construct.
Then you need a circle punch, die or a circular object to draw around (the circle punch I used is 1 1/2 ")  some PVA glue and a scoring board/bone folder.

1.  Punch or die cut 21 circles for each bauble.
2.  Take one of the circles and draw an equilateral triangle on the reverse and cut it out.  Use this triangle as a template for marking the score lines on each circle.
3.  Take the template and lightly mark with a pencil the 3 points of the triangle on the reverse of each punched circle.
4.  Use these pencil marks as a guide to score a triangle on each circle.

5.  Join 5 triangles together for the top and bottom.  I found wet glue worked best as it gives you a bit of wiggle room as you line up each edge.
6.  Join 10 triangles together to form a strip for the centre section.  Join the ends of this strip together, forming a ring.
7.  Now stick the top and bottom to the centre ring to complete the bauble.

8. Create a hanger by punching a small hole in one of the edges and thread with cotton or twine.

I think that covers everything!  Any questions, just leave me a comment.

Patterned Paper:  Basic Grey - Aspen Frost
Fiskars Large Circle Punch
Martha Stewart Scoring Board