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What's Cookin' ...

Just stopped by today to share my latest make for the Bubbly Scrumptious blog.  I've a lot of recipes cut from magazines my favourites are these recipes from Style At Home magazine.  I love this mag, as well as recipes it's full of home décor ideas to buy and to make, all for just £1.99.  
The recipes are quick and easy, ideal for weekday meals.  The only problem for me is once you cut them out of the magazine they're pretty small and easily lost so I came up with a solution.  I created some recipe cards and a giant wooden peg holder.  I've tested it out in the kitchen and it works perfectly.  The peg is really stable and I no longer have to hunt around for a teeny tiny recipe amongst the veg peelings!

There's a Step by Step guide to make the set over HERE on the Bubbly Scrumptious Blog.


  1. Hi Vicky, this is such a great idea. I bought a couple of those pegs to alter and then they just got 'filed' away as I had not inspiration but now I do. Thank you!

  2. Brilliant idea Vicky!!

    Christine x

  3. Such a fab idea Vicky! I had great fun decorating one of these giant pegs recently.

    take care,


  4. Fantastic idea Vicky!

  5. gorgeous!! love this idea Vicky, that giant mega clothes pin is super cool :) ♥


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