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Decoupage with doilies...

As promised, here I am back with my dabble with decoupage.  I needed some storage in my Craft Room.  These kraft nesting boxes from Papermania were just the job, but how to decorate them?  I wanted something practical, no ribbons, flowers or bows as I'll be using them daily, so any excess decoration would just get in the way.
So, I had an idea to try some decoupage with mini doilies, a bit of an experiment really and I did have a panic when the kraft paper started to bubble up, but once they were completely dry the bubbles disappeared to leave a professional finish.  I'm impressed!

Here's my next project, a matching photo frame.

I think I've got the Mod Podge bug, I'm looking round the house for more boxes and containers to cover!   :)

Papermania Bare Basics Nesting Boxes - The Range
Mini Paper Doilies - Ebay
Mod Podge - Hobbycraft


  1. Another brilliant idea! Here's to another super creative week!
    Katie xx

  2. So beautiful! I'm a sucker for doilies! X

  3. Ooh - I like this idea! I can't get away with the layering type of decoupage but I think this looks great. Thanks for stopping by my blog - I've decorated the inside of my circle book if you'd like to take a peek!

  4. Wow...these look fab Vicky!


  5. these are fab !! Vicky :) another cool idea, look forward to seeing photo frame ♥

  6. These are fabulous and I can't wait to see the matching frame!! You will definitely have the smartest craft room in town~lol! :)
    Love Emma xxx

  7. Your boxes look great, very classy!

    The Sparkle Mod Podge is great too - yes, I have the bug as well!


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