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Looking back...

This week I've moved on to 'Baby' cards, and this is the first of a few.  The image is from the Pink Petticoat 'Sweet Cheeks' collection.  Which, would you believe, was the first digi  kit I bought when I started on my card making journey back in February 2009.  The first card I made with it is deep in the archives of the blog, I've just looked back at it and I'm cringing!!!  But, we all have to start somewhere and I never would have guessed I'd still be here 3 years later.  One of my first followers is still following and commenting on my work.

Pink Petticoat - Sweet Cheeks, Tiny Leopard Print and Vintage Stars, Tiny (New Baby) Sentiments
Stampin Up Crumbcake Cardstock
Bakers Twine from The Ribbon Girl
Crepe Paper
Glamour Dust


  1. All of your cards are beautiful Vicky - I love how you use the white crepe paper, at first glance I thought it was ribbon.

    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog too :)

  2. I have been following you for a long time and am always so inspired by you. All your cards are fabulous. My first cards were awful!! I still like to look back at them to see how much my style has evolved and I am really surprised to still be here and blogging and cardmaking after all this time!

  3. Love the looking back idea!
    This card is beautiful! The babies were one of the first digi's I purchased too :)


  4. Crikey Vicky, I thought you had been card making for years, not just three years! Your work is exceptional for such a 'young' crafter. Hugs Karen x

  5. awwwwww soooooo cute Vicky, its nice to look back through the years :) xxx

  6. Such a cute card Vicky, really loving how you use the crepe paper!


  7. Pretty card Vicky - we're so inspired by your crepe paper that we treated ourselves to a whole roll of nice thick pale cream crepe paper - hopefully we'll get time to play with it at the weekend! mary G x

  8. Vicky, I had to look back at your first cards and I have to say that if my first cards were anything like yours were I'd be delighted! You are so talented and I love following your blog. I have done what you did back in 2009 and have been brave to start a blog, even though no one will probably follow it, its something for me to look back on, like you have. Thank you for sharing your designs you are so inspirational :) Jo

  9. Lol Vicky, my first was awful! When I think back to it, I wonder how I got where I have today!
    I think this is cute for sure.
    Katie x


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