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Anyone for Tea?

This is the reason why I haven't blogged in a while, I've been making this, well two of them actually.  I got the design from Crafts Beautiful magazine.  The first atttempt was a disappointment, (following the instructions to the letter lol) it was far too small and a bit messy on the inside.  So whilst on my day out in London last week.  Annie (quilting queen) and I studied every tea cosy in John Lewis and came up with the neater and larger version you see here.  I'm so pleased with it  I keep looking at it and can't believe I made it.   Even hubby was impressed and said this photo doesn't do it justice!
Don't really want to part with them but got to get them off in the post today. 
Thanks for your help Annie :)x

Fabric: Tanya Whelan 'Darla' from Gone To Earth