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Zip Flower Corsage

Here's my first handmade Christmas gift.  All you need to make it is a 30" zip, a needle and thread and a brooch back.  I got my zip from Ebay for about £5.00. It looks rather large in the photo, it measures about 4" across.  Here's the gift box for it too .

And here are my oh so simple Christmas cards.  I took a Real Red (Stampin Up) ink pad a pack of 50 cream card blanks and all the Christmas stamps I own.  Half an hour later 50 cards - done!  Stress over, now I can concentrate on a few special cards left to make.
Back in the day when I used to 'buy' cards these are the sort of cards I would go for.  I really am Mrs Minimal, you should see my house - not an ornament in sight!