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Felt Rosebuds - How To...

A quick tutorial to make these super easy felt rosebuds.  I get my felt from Paper and String.  You can get a a rainbow bundle of  4 x 4" squares - perfect for colour matching. 

Step 1:  Take a strip of felt 4 x 1/2" and a needle and thread.
Step 2: Sew a row of running stitches along the top edge.
Step 3: Gather the stitches and roll up into a rosebud!

Step 4: Secure with a couple of stitches at the base of the bud.


  1. Hi Vicky, aren't these sweet? I think I made something like these as a child... but far less professional looking of course! Jo x

  2. Beautiful` Dolly...tfs
    Enjoy the rest of your week:) x

  3. Must have a go at some of these Vicky, they are lovely.

  4. Hi Dolly

    Bought my felt this evening ready for a try. No cute green like you have used though .. .. only really dark green!!

    Never realised they were this simple!!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Love Jules xx

  5. A great tutorial - they're cute little buds!

    Love Lynda xxx

  6. Thanks for sharing this tutorial and it looks very easy, will have to get some felt and try this!
    hugs and xxx

  7. Thanks Vicky fot the link to that fabulous site with all the felt, will definately be shopping this weekend!!!!. Love the felt flowers must have a go at those, thanks.

  8. Vicky, these are so cute - I might have to go and have a hunt through my sewing box and see what felt I've got!

  9. ooo that looks simple - I might have a go at that thanks. :)


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