15 February 2012

Cakes and Confetti...

Just stopped by to share my Valentine's day makes. So boring making cards for men, no pink, no ribbon, no lace.  To relieve the total boredom, I filled my heart with a confetti pocket.  So easy to make, just punch holes in co-ordinating papers to create the confetti.  I used a two hole punch, the office kind. 

Sandwich the confetti between two sheets of transparent film and stitch around the edges so it can't  escape.  Then attach the pocket inside the card.

I made some chocolate cupcake hearts too, using a little trick I picked up on Pinterest. 

Use marbles to make heart shape cupcakes with a regular pan.

it works too!


  1. Fabbie valentine card Vicky and love the cupcakes, certainly pick up some great tips from Pinterest!


  2. Gorgeous card Vicky - I really do wish the men would like ribbon, lace and flowers - it would make it a lot easier for all of us! Thanks for passing on the cupcake tip! Karen x

  3. What brilliant ideas Vicky, love them.
    Jo x

  4. gorgeous and yummy!! love both Vicky ♥♥

  5. Simply fabulous hun...and so love the confetti too and Mmmmmm those cakes look delish....! :o)

    big hugs Vicky xx

  6. Now that is brilliant, I'm so trying this!
    Katie X

  7. Your confetti card is great, looks simple to make too, so effective.

    Love the heart shaped cakes, what a great idea using the marble.

  8. Love your card - the confetti pocket is a brilliant idea!
    And as for your heart cupcakes ... mmmm they look yummy :)


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